Innovation Value Chain

Idea Generation –

Project Initiation

At imaginings En resources, we are game changers with expertise to formulate ideas and develop a prototype that is workable, practicable with real potential and convert to the product that bring return on their investment.

At this level clear innovation project objectives are set for idea development and we can be held accountable for delivering on them.

We know that clients’ need differs with different innovation challenges, this required unique innovation project and solutions. Our prototype is custom developed with bespoke functions and features to deliver unique products, services, practice, processes or solution.

Project milestones are formally set up, and clear deliverables and progress reviews are required at each stage. 

Idea conversion –

Project Implementation

At imaginings En resources we don’t import latest best practices in innovation management, but will improvise unique output that is bespoke to the client.

Designed Prototype receives all effort to convert it to commercial output, workable processes, practices, solutions and services.

Will put formidable implementation controls on deck and will enforce all projects to successful outcome.

Projected output realization signal the closure of the project and with the time frame specified.

Idea Diffusion –

Buy in and Operate

Project Implementation that creates a desirable output need buy in and work. Applying the project output successfully, mostly is not automatic. We identify the constituency within our client's organization and design approach to engage them to support the new products, businesses, and practices across desirable geographic locations, channels, and groups of customers or the public.