Oluwalola Alabi
Project Director/CEO

Oluwalola Alabi is a project developer and implementation experts, with a high instinct of forecasting ability backup with a control mechanism to drive projects to success. 
She garners experience and training on Application architecture which empower her to prototype a user interface that is user friendly and deliver expected results.
Offering fantastic leadership and critical thinking prowess as well as extensive experience successfully guiding projects.

Oluwalola is a writer with articles and books on economics, Social and Political issues to enhance the body of knowledge. Her latest book, Talent is Enough, Hone a skill analyse what must be done to build a better economic future and what needs to actualize.She holds a first degree in Economics and prospecting her Master Degree in Instructional Design and Technology

A talented individual who knows just how to inspire others and has the ability to communicate thoughts, ideas and plans extraordinarily well. Always seeking a challenging opportunity where skills could be utilized with a positive attitude and drive to succeed


Making the right strategic decisions or wielding greater influence will often have to be backed up by robust evidence combined with cutting edge insight. Our Team have the experience and expertise to deliver the bespoke analysis, research and insight to help organisations achieve their objectives.
Our clients benefit from our project team, wealth of experience in applying logical thinking backup with scientific fact to tackle real issues. 


The IT team is responsible for all custom programming, task Automation, infrastructure, training and support required . 
We are a top provider of software development and other professional IT services. We have experts in the software development field. 
We have a clear understanding and major in Applications development and requirements, and we have the knowledge, skills and experience to successfully complete the project.