Business Model Innovation Project 

This is a project that will revolutionize the conventional way of advertising with constructive public relation prowess. It will engage and enlighten it subscriber. It is designed to cover the entire Africa continent and impact the global village to connect and exchange their economic world. The APP will target information and advert to the concern audience. Every task to convey information is targeted toward the needed source.

Category Screen Shot in the Uninet APP

 Commercial APP

Africa is like a beautiful bride in the dark room – Uninet. Co is positioned to bring it into the foreground of awareness and patronage within Africa and the global village. Uninet.Co depict the terrestrial world to the virtual world. It removes the limitation of brick and mortal economic space to virtual space with to restriction and unlimited possibilities. Imagine the mall, the market and the street live in the virtual world. At a dial on your phone, at your convenient you can be in a mall or market

Searching for Market Screen Shot in the Uninet APP