Imaginings En Resources inspire and execute innovation projects as a service. We are in the Business of Initiating and executing innovation Project that move our clients and society at large to the next level of success. At Imaginings En Resources all projects are created for a reason.


Our team or clients identify a need or an opportunity and will devise a project to address the need. We are very meticulous with detail because how well the project ultimately addresses the need defines the project's success or failure. 

All our projected ideas, convert to innovation have capacity and realistic potential to turn into revenue –generating products, services, and processes.

We create change that impacts the world positively.


We are positioned to develop an innovation project that creates unique product, service or solution that move organization to the next level of a continuous stream of success.


Our project innovation services include:

Incremental Innovation project

Radical Innovation project

Technology Innovation project

Business model Innovation project

Internal Innovation project

External Innovation project


At the initiation phase, we constructively study clients’ existing systems, job mapping, process mapping, and industry from the client and customer perspective with the aim of designing a new or improved output (Products, services, practices or Solutions). Where there is no constructive systems, job mapping and process mapping – we create a new practicable and workable system.

We transform ideas into commercial and useable output.


At operation, we are articulate in identifying opportunity or problem, generate ideas and covert it to innovation project, which bring a high return on investment. Extend to the appointing project team to build and deliver the solution to the customer – a promise is kept; we deliver outstanding output.


Imaginings EN Resources garner experience to serve all industries, regardless of their need. We are detail with capacity to develop, enforce and oversee the project to success. All project undertakings exceed the expectations of our clients.